‘Garden under the Sea’

‘Garden under the Sea’


‘Garden Under the Sea’

This colourful original painting is handmade.  It was created by applying acrylic to canvas using a pour technique.  This piece ‘ Garden under the Sea’ is unique and is perfect to compliment the modern home or office.  It represents sea flowers that grow on the sea bed and sway with the movement of the water above.  We are reminded of the hidden beauty of the natural world.

It is presented in a handmade double wooden frame in an off white colour.

Measurement of outer frame is 69cm x 39cm.


All items are handmade, unique pieces made with natural materials, therefore, each piece will be unique and vary from the image shown above but it will be similar in style, quality, and value.

The actual colour, size, and other variations of the product shown here will vary slightly due to the raw materials used, computer settings, etc.

Please make sure to leave a working phone number at the checkout especially in case of any special requests mentioned above.

For more information, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.